Our Upcoming Trip

England and Scotland here we come! Today is Wednesday and I am at work, supposed to be working. However, I think the meme I’ve chosen for this post’s photo is perfect.

Productivity eCard

My productivity is at an all-time low because I have the worst vacation fever of my life! I can’t really concentrate on anything else. I’m sure at some point today, I’ll get it together and knock out what needs done before I leave for two weeks, but right now, it seems like the impossible challenge.

Chris and I leave on Friday. We’re flying out of Dulles to JFK to Heatherow. We’ll arrive in London on Saturday morning around 11am. We’ve been planning this trip for well over a year. It’s in celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary and a very, very belated honeymoon.

When we land in London, there will be no collecting of bags as we are firm followers of the Rick Steves “Travel Light” movement. For two weeks, we’ll only be taking carry-on bags. When I studied abroad in college, I learned the importance of packing only what you could reasonably carry, and by reasonably carry, I mean what you can full out sprint with in order to catch a moving train! Europe is notorious for their cobble stone streets, lack of lifts (aka elevators), uneven floors, etc… To counteract my klutziness, and to make life easier in general, we’ve purchased the Rick Steves Convertible Carry-On bag. This is the best luggage I’ve ever had. I am rough on bags and this one has taken a beating. It doesn’t have so much as a sticky zipper!

Tonight, we’ll be finishing up the packing. At some point, I may post pictures of my wardrobe. I’m quite proud of it. It’s hard for a woman to pack for two weeks in only a carry-on! Wish me luck, as I’m definitely going to need it.

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