Let the freak out commence.

Freak Out Cat

Anyone that knows me, knows I am an anal retentive, Type A, planner. Well, that part of me has completely taken over my brain, along with the worrying and anxiety that comes along with it. I had to start making a list at work because I thought steam was going to come out of my ears thinking about all of the last minute things I still need to do. The husband for his part, thinks he only needs to pack and then we’re all ready. Riiiiiiiiight. I’m glad he has tomorrow off to take care of any truly last minute issues.

I completely packed my bag last night except for my make-up and hair straightener. I’m proud to say that it weighed in at 25lbs! That is a huge accomplishment. All of my clothes fit in a large packing cube. I tell you, if you don’t use packing cubes, you should start. Now. They are great! They keep all of your crap neatly organized and it makes unpacking a cinch. I am definitely a convert. You can pick them up at Marshalls for next to nothing most of the time. Chris has to put all of his stuff into packing cubes and then pack them into his bag tonight. I hope his bag weighs about the same as mine, but we’ll see.

I think from this point forward, I’m going to feel anxious until we’re at the airport and safely to our gate. That’s generally the way it rolls for me. Still, I am really excited! I can’t believe we’re going to wake up on Saturday morning and be in London! All of the planning that’s gone into this, and I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it’s finally time for it to happen.

Roll on vacation, roll on!!

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1 Response to Let the freak out commence.

  1. Brenda says:

    I’m exactly the same with the lists and packing. I worry I’ll forget something. I start a pile of stuff to pack as I think of it. The night before I have to fly, i wake up all night and dream I missed the flight because I overslept. You’re gonna to have a great trip.


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