Borough Market & Visiting with dear Friends

Well, we arrived successfully yesterday. We got into Heathrow about 10 minutes later than expected, made it through customs in about an hour, bought our Oyster Cards for the tube, road to the London Bridge station, and then walked the 10 minutes to our flat.

Our flat is amazing! See  for yourself:


We have a tremendous view. We can actually see the tip top of the London Eye! We are so pleased with the location of the flat. It’s convenient to everything. Our greeter from the rental company had gotten us flowers and chocolates to help celebrate our anniversary. That was such a sweet touch.

Once we got settled and freshened up, we went to explore Borough Market.


It reminded us a lot of Pike’s Place in Seattle. We bought some super tasty cheese made in Bath. It was a lot like Gouda and paired nicely with the bread and fruit we picked up.

This morning we woke up and made breakfast with some market fresh eggs and the Gouda-like cheese mentioned above. We wrote some post cards and then ventured out to do some grocery shopping at Marks & Spencer before Teri and Alice arrived. We had the most lovely visit with Teri, Alice, and little Albie. At only 5 weeks, he is already beyond charming with his little smiles and sweet disposition. It felt so good to see them after 11 years and I loved catching up. We will definitely visit again before another 10 years passes!

Shortly, we will leave for Waterloo station to catch a train to Salisbury. In the morning we’ll be off to see Stonehenge!

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2 Responses to Borough Market & Visiting with dear Friends

  1. Brenda says:

    Sounds like your off to a great start. Awesome digs!


  2. brenna says:

    Love that you saw teri and alice, sounds lovely! Thr flat is amazing definitely the way to go if staying for several days.


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