The Tower of London, Visiting with Jo, and The Mouse Trap

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Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. We woke up early and made our way to the Tower of London via the Tower Bridge. Chris was quite impressed with the bridge although was surprised that parts of it were painted powder blue. We had a beautiful morning for our walk and touring of the tower. I’d purchased tickets online so we picked those up and headed straight for the Crown Jewels as I’d read that exhibit would get quite crowded as the day went on. We faced no line whatsoever. The exhibits were extremely well done. We couldn’t take any pictures but here’s one from Google:


As an American, it was a different experience since we don’t really have royalty in the states. Watching the queen’s coronation, both Chris and I thought it was a lot of pomp and circumstance. Very honorable and historic for sure, but a lot of what is historic is not relevant to the world we live in today. I was also struck by how unhappy she looked during the coronation. The jewels themselves were stunning. Absolutely true works of art. Maybe the queen looked unhappy because she was nervous to have to hold, handle, and wear such expensive and important pieces of history.

After the jewels, we went to the armory. Chris and I love to look at weaponry of all kinds. Again, as a former museum worker, I was struck by how well done the exhibit was. There were hands on activities were you could touch certain weapons and audio would tell you how they were used and the impact they would have on your foe. One of the highlights of the exhibit was this guy made from weaponry and shields:

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After the jewels and the armory, we were historied out. We decided to head to Oxford Street to do some souvenir shopping. We then experienced some typical English weather. Since I was wearing jeans, I ended up soaked to my knees! Once we found the Primark, the shopping was good and well priced. We scurried out of there though in order to meet up with my friend and former flat mate Jo, and her daughter Grace and Faith. We had a wonderful time catching up. The girls were so sweet and well behaved. A highlight of this trip has been seeing my friends. It’s like no time has passed. A real treat!

After our visit, we headed back to the flat to rest up and get ready for our show that evening. I had prepurchased tickets to see the worlds longest running play, The Mouse Trap by Agatha Christie. It plays in the St. Martin’s Theater. The theater itself will be 100 years old in 2016 and is still owned and operated by the original family that opened it. Impressive!

Chris and I loved the who dunnit play! My grandmother talked and talked about seeing this play years and years ago. I’m so glad I finally got the chance to see it. Oh, I wish she were still here so I could talk to her about it. Chris said he felt like he was in another time when we stepped out of the theater and saw all of the Black Cabs lined up to whisk the theater goers back to their lodgings.

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Today, we are in Edinburough. We haven’t done much as of yet because we had the 4 hour train ride from hell. I will write more on today’s adventures in the next post.

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2 Responses to The Tower of London, Visiting with Jo, and The Mouse Trap

  1. Diana says:

    It was the weight of the dress and jewels probably. I can’t remember how heavy they were, but it was amazingly.


  2. Brenna Perrey says:

    Did you go in the dungeon in the Tower of London
    It is my favorite part. Which Jo did you meet up with? Also love seeing the Crown Jewels I broke the rules and took pictures….lol


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