It’s time for a reboot!

At the end of this new year, I’m beginning something new. I haven’t written in this blog for 3 years. I used it years ago to try to log mine and Chris’s trip to England and Scotland. I only captured some of that trip because I vastly overestimated my ability to blog everyday and Europe’s ability to have trusty wifi. While travel still has my heart, I want to make this more of a lifestyle blog. What’s that even mean? I think it means I still want to talk about travel, but I also want to talk about my cats, my relationships (husband, friends, family, the teller at my bank whom I really like) real estate, fashion, and everything in between!

Peace of Mind Pets

I’m told that I’m often funny with a quick whit and sharp tongue. I don’t steer clear of controversy. If you want something sugar coated, you better go grab a sucker. I’m a loving person who likes to make big gestures. I’m generous with my time, resources, and energy. I’m also a hard person to love long term. I have high expectations. I love big and and I expect it in return. I’m a helper but I’m also a warrior.


So, that’s a little bit about me. If I sound like a person you might like to hear more from, then follow along as I meander down this new path.



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