Whoa! 1 Year since Cankle-Gate!

ankleOne year ago this week, I found the last patch of ice in Frederick County, slipped on it, and fell. I broke my fibula in two places and dislocated my ankle 90 degrees. I was carrying a dog at the time and managed to gracefully chuck her into the air and not smoosh her to become one with the earth by falling on her. I was scared to death that my older neighbor friend, whom I was visiting, was going to come out and fall too. It was quite a dramatic afternoon.

That evening I had emergency surgery, a very interesting stay in hospital, and was back home to tackle the 3 stairs, that seemed like Mt. Fucking Everest, leading into my home. 3.5 weeks of immobility taught me a lot about myself, my mother, and my husband. Looking back on it from a year out, from the first two doctors saying I would never walk normally or have 100% function again, I am in a damn good place. My ankle is still more like a cankle with it’s couple scars and poofier appearance. More importantly, it operates just fine. It gets a little sore when there’s some type of serious change in the weather or if I walk a shitload but other than that, it’s really doing great. It may even be stronger than it used to be!


You hear people say it all the time, but seriously, don’t take your health for granted. All of that can change in the blink of an eye. I was lucky. This was a short term experience. Well, everything accept the bill! I feel so fortunate to be on this side of things now feeling happy, healthy, and well.

Peace, love, and happiness xoxo


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